Tuck2000 Mail

You can get your mail by going to http://mail.tuck2000.com to access the service. The service is hosted by Google and has all the benefits of a normal Gmail account - but white-labeled with the Tuck2000.com address. All your old aliases are still active.

IMPORTANT for people using the @tuck2000.com e-mail address. I have been notified by Google that they are ceasing their "Free E-mail for Life" service. The consequence is that @tuck2000.com e-mails will be about $80/yr/pp. We have about 25 active users and about 85 light users of the service, so I'll be finding an alternative way of continuing the mail. Given that Google's entire business model revolves around reading and monetizing your mail, there is no reason to also be paying them cash as well. The shutdown of the existing Google service is July 1, 2022.

Please read below if you are impacted:

1. Mail forwarding (Receiving @Tuck2000.com Mail): can continue easily for free via other more secure services anyway (where the intermediary is not inspecting/monetizing your mail as it comes through), so if you just use it for forwarding, you shouldn't notice a difference. I will just need to know where to forward the mail. If this is all you need, please just let me know the forwarding address and all @tuck2000.com mail will simply appear in your nominated forwarding location.

2. Existing mailbox storage: All the mail in your current tuck2000.com mailbox will be deleted by Google on July 1, 2022. There are several tools available to extract the mail and migrate it to another place (whether another mailbox, or just to disk). The most automated way of doing this is using the Google Takeout feature: https://takeout.google.com

3. Sending mail from @Tuck2000.com: To send mail FROM a tuck2000.com address you will need to take a few steps depending on your future solution (see below)

4. Use of @Tuck2000.com address as Google Identifier: Some of you may be using the Tuck2000 account as your Google Play account as well. I need to verify this but from my understanding, any purchases you made with your Google Play account will be lost.

Future Solution Options: 1) Forwarding Only (see step 1 above) - You can receive mail @tuck2000.com but when you send mail it will be FROM your existing non-Tuck e-mail address. This can be a free Gmail account, a free Hotmail account or other services such as Protonmail, Tutanota, etc. It can even be your work mail if allowed by your employer.

2) Receiving and Hosting: If you don't have anywhere to forward your mail, you will need to create an e-mail account (free examples include the free Gmail, Apple iCloud and Hotmail). You then need to advise me of this new address ([email protected], [email protected], etc.) and I will forward your Tuck2000.com mail to that address. In order to send mail FROM tuck2000.com you will need to use one of two methods depending on your host. I will supply screen shots of how to do this in Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook and Apple Mail.

You should be able to reset your own password, but if you are having trouble, just send me an e-mail by clicking here: