Dan's BBQed Curried Lamb
(Submitted by Dan Justicz)

Go to the meat counter in the Coop and select a leg of lamb.  Ask them to "butterfly" it for you.

Purchase Sharwood's Indian "Rogan Josh" powdered curry and Patak's "Spicy Ginger and Garlic Marinade and Grill Sauce" from the international section.

In a large bowl, sprinkle and cover the lamb with the Curry powder.

Them smear the Grill sauce over the lamb.

Preferably marinate for two days, but skip this step if you're hungry now.

Grill on a medium flame.  It should be cooked in the same manner (opened up flat - that's the butterflying) as a good steak, and presented cooked medium and sliced.  Pink on the inside, slightly charred on the outside.  Medium is easier to achieve in lamb than a steak.

Tip:  Do the majority of the cooking with the fatty side down.  Serve poppadums and chopped mint in plain yogurt as an appetizer.  Excellent served with spinach and new potatoes.