Message from Fedra about her new book

Dear Class of 2000,

I have an exciting announcement that I want to share with all of you.

Recently, I launched a new book called The Blushing MBA.

It's humorous fiction based on my b-school experience - and because you were part of that incredible experience, I thought it important to send you a special message about it's release.

When writing The Blushing MBA, I had four goals in mind:
1.) to provide a much-needed woman's perspective of B-school for the first time
2.) to encourage more women and girls (and other diversity) to go to school
3.) to make the B-school journey easier for all female students, and
4.) to make readers laugh!

Everyone experiences b-school from a different perspective; and The Blushing MBA gives a candid, heartfelt view of b-school from my eyes. You will be happy to know this is a story of inspiration - things get tough, but through perseverance there is triumph. The road is not easy, but it's worth it and forces introspection. There is a very strong message encouraging more diversity (especially women) to pursue business education and fight MBA stereotypes.

Most classmates who have heard of the book ask me, "Am I in it????"
The marketer in me (of course) wants to say, "Well, you'll have to read it to find out!"
But the answer is this: all of the characters are fictional.
They are conglomerates of the different personalities I met along the way and/or complete figments of my creativity. So, while you may see parts of yourself in a character (and you will definitely recognize many of our experiences from b-school!)everything is truly fiction.

The book cover describes The Blushing MBA like this:
"Enjoy a funny sneak-peek at life inside the Ivy League from someone who’s been there and lived to tell the tale...The Blushing MBA is an inspirational tribute to anyone who has ever considered – or dared to enter – college, graduate school, or the wild world of business."

The book is targeted to young women 18+, but all the details can be found at I've marketed it to women's organizations, colleges, college WIB clubs, women in school, businesswomen, MBA mentors, etc...

Please email or call me at any time with questions. And I hope the years have been good to you!

Happy Holidays,
Fedra Pouideh T'00

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