Tuck2000 E-Mail Re-Launched!

We've pulled out the big guns in the fight against spam. Many of you were complaining that the Tuck2000.com e-mail addresses were getting excessive spam. We looked into many options and found that the best (and cheapest) option was to go with Gmail hosting of Tuck2000.com e-mail. Everyone now has their own white-labeled Tuck2000.com account hosted by Gmail. You still get your same addresses as before - except now you can access your account via Gmail. If you prefer to keep your mail forwarding somewhere else, you can do that too. Check out the Free E-mail link on the left-side navigation bar for more info.

We sent everyone out a randomly assigned password. If you didn't receive yours, don't hesitate to contact us (the link is on the home page).

To access your Tuck2000 web mail and/or change your settings, go to http://mail.tuck2000.com.