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By Doug Macauley - An Excel spreadsheet to calculate the benefit of business school.
By Doug Macauley - A simple, yet comprehensive, mortgage calculator.
By Doug Macauley - An Excel spreadsheet to track your budget.
By Alastair Bor - Turn your spreadsheet into a clock.
By Alastair Bor - A Geometric Return function for Excel.
By Alastair Bor - Helps create T-accounts in Excel.
By Alastair Bor - Do WACC calculations (including the re-levering of Betas).
By Alastair Bor - Do virtually any type of bond calculation in Excel.
By Alastair Bor - A tool that generates Javascript to encrypt and transform your email address into "code," making it virtually impossible for spam harvesters to crawl and add your email to their list. For example, and compare it to the raw HTML source.
By Alastair Bor - Harvey Ball font lets you easily add Harvey Balls to any document.